Sing Me Back Home

“This was one I wrote on a trip from somewhere to somewhere in Ohio. It conjured up a lot of the feelings that took place around an execution. I had the privilege to talk to one of the condemned guys.”Merle Haggard (304)

Mama Tried

“It was written as a tribute to my mother [Haggard had an extremely rebellious youth, was frequently in jail (he was present at Johnny Cash’s performance at San Quentin), and generally made life extremely difficult for his widowed mother – Ed].”Merle Haggard (596)

Wishing All These Old Things Were New

“I’m against prohibition – people should never be allowed to dictate what others should or shouldn’t do. Children shouldn’t be allowed to do anything but go to school, but it’s different when they become adults. Heaven knows that alcohol is the worst thing in the world, but it’s debatable whether cocaine is worse than caffeine or whether it’s the same thing and they just changed the name. I think we live in a world today where there are so many double standards.”Merle Haggard (697)