One Little Song

“It’s probably the first song I’ve ever written about writing songs.”Gillian Welch (1277)

April the 14th (Part 1)

“[In the song April the 14th, she describes the doomed heroism of some rock ’n’ roll bands she met on tour and combines that story with the spooky coincidence that Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, the Titanic’s collision with the iceberg, and the greatest dust storm that America has ever known all occurred on the same date, April the 14th – Ed]. Well it starts with something I just observed. I was actually playing a gig in Eugene, Oregon at this funny little rock ’n’ roll club called John Henry’s – so another folk myth gets drawn in – and I played this show, it was kind of an early show and when my partner, David, and I got done there was a five band punk show setting up. Five bands were going to play between 9pm and 2am and it was a $2 cover charge for the entire night which meant each guy in each band was probably going home with about $3. It was about as realistic a rock ’n’ roll scene as you could get.”Gillian Welch (1277)